• Stylish grand squares


    Stylish grand squares

  • Smart, sophisticated stripes


    Sophistication in stripes

  • Subtle sheen & softness


    Subtle sheen & softness

  • Subtle elegance


    Subtle elegance

  • Crafted, abstract art


    Crafted, abstract art

About Us

Katherine Carnaby - Style Personified

Katherine Carnaby is the creation of both an artist and a 3rd generation rug maker. The Katherine Carnaby Collection was born out of her desire to create a more premium yet accessible range of sophisticated beautiful rugs that embodies her vision of what she wanted to see on the floors of fashionable London homes.

She works with her team from her offices in London and travels the world bringing together the finest quality materials, expert craftsmanship and inspiration from across the globe.

 Design and elegance is at the heart of Katherine Carnaby, our collections are timeless created for the best of London living and our mission is to fashion beautiful sophisticated rugs for your home. With a history and pedigree of creating beautiful rugs, a focus on elegance and subtle refinement, Katherine Carnaby's latest designs creates an easy accessory to add warmth, and elegance to your room. 

Our team have hundreds of years of experience and understanding of rug making, working with the handpicked partners, employing the best craftsmanship to make the finest quality rugs. 

The Katherine Carnaby collection  is part of the  Asiatic Group - one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of premium rugs.  We are committed to quality, ethical as well as innovative  manufacturing techniques from design concept through all stages of manufacture, production and delivery. 

We have access to world class facilities, designers and  infrastructure  and supply rug retailers all over the world with an obsession to provide exceptional levels of service for all our customers.


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